Texas moral laws a bit absurd
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texas dildo law 5 dildo limit or a felony">texas dildo law 5 dildo limit or a felonyTexas, a bit reminiscent of Iran nowadays, still seems to be arguing morality laws. Many people have heard about the texas 5 dildo law. In Texas, you are only allowed to have 5 dildos for medical reasons, if you have 6, then it is a felony. You gotta love “freedom” in Texas. So what is Texas so afraid of… well the theory is politicians may in fact believe that their own wives may come to like the dildos more than them. Having seen and heard some of these “GREAT” lawmakers, I can see why they are scared of losing the wife to a piece of plastic. a new definition of “penal code” for Texas republicans.

You can check out the Dildo Diaries to watch great lawmaking

Years after GWB left the Governor’s mansion, the Great State of Texas seems to continue to be obsessed with dildos. I reported on Feb. 13 in Texas Dildo Law Goes Limp that the Fifth Circuit struck down Texas’ Saudi-esque “obscene devices” law.If you have 6 or more dildos, Texas declares that you have ‘intent to distribute‘ and therefore you are a felon. If you have less than 6 then you are merely a hobbyist, and therefore things are okay.well then, that makes sense to me.

So Joe goes to prison, convicted felon… asks his fellow inmates “what are they in here for?” he gets… I robbed an old lady, I killed my wife, I got my 20th DUI. Joe looks at his peers and tells them “I got busted with a gift pack that had 6 dildos in it” It was mail order, the ad said 5, but the company threw one in for free. Damned out of state companies.

Texas politicians or kings of YOUR bedroom, buy 6 rubber dongs and be a felon for life.

Naturally, the State of Texas simply can not survive if dildos are sold in that state. Therefore, a bunch of small-government republicans have banded together to waste the taxpayers’ money seeking a rehearing en banc.

The brief is the same old “the sky is falling” bollocks — as if every time you touch your genitals, an angel burns to death.

Now I also found this quote somewhere.

“A federal appeals court has overturned the Texas statute outlawing sex toy sales, leaving Alabama as the state with the strictest ban on such devices.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Texas law making it illegal to sell or promote obscene devices, punishable by up to two years in jail, violated the Constitution’s 14th Amendment on the right to privacy.”

Point is.. There MUST be better things to waste taxpayer money on than arguing over how many rubber toys one may have! WTF people!!!

And you gotta love laws that no one has any way to enforce. A great waste of public funds for this mighty state.

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american insurgent on October 25th, 2010 at 8:44 pm #

texas is technically a 2 bit theocracy with all the laws here that are based on religious laws. examples of some unconstitutional laws are banning alchohol sales on sunday. since that law was based on religious moral values, i find it to be a violation of sep of church and state. along with laws against sodomy, bigamy, adultery, and ADULT over 18 pornography, thanks.

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